Welcome | Spin Your Instagram



Welcome and congratulations on your new Spinstagram account!

We are confident that you'll find Spinstagram intuitive and easy to use. Here are the instructions you will need to use your account.
Step 1: Activate your purchase by registering your account.

Use your registered User ID: [i4w_user_email]
and Password: [i4w_thankyou_password]
Step 2: Add an Instagram account
  • In the software dashboard click "Account Manage"
  • Log in to an existing (previously created and activated) Instagram account
  • You will see the username of the account added to your accounts list
If you get a Check Point Required Error:
  • This occurs when Instagram needs to make sure you have permission to log into this account.
  • Just go to Instagram.com on a desktop (not mobile app) and log in.
  • You will be prompted to verify your account by having a code delivered via SMS or email.
  • Get the code and enter it in Instagram to verify your account.
  • Finish logging into Instagram on your PC and leave the account open.
  • Return to Spinstagram and re-try adding the account.
Step 3: Spin Your Instagram!
Check out the tutorials for each of the features offered with Spinstagram!