Spinsta-Viral | Spin Your Instagram



The Insta-Viral Extension

Extract, and
Install the Chrome Extension

The Viral Image Downloader

and use the image downloader to save the Viral images to your device

Download and Install the Chrome Extension Spinsta-Viral

  • Download Zip File
  • Extract the contents to a location on your computer where you want this file to be permanently stored
  • Recommended: Create a folder on your C drive named SpinstaViral and extract the zip file here
  • Open your Chrome browser and go to: Settings > More Tools >Extensions
  • Activate Developer Mode
  • Refresh
  • Click the button that says "Load Unpacked Extension"
  • Navigate to the extracted Chrome Extension Folder, SpinstaViral and select it
  • Click "ok"
  • Refresh your Chrome Browser if needed
*After you download the Viral Image Downloader application and double click to install it, your device may alert you that the installation has been blocked. You may need to click "more info," this will display an override permission so that you can install the tool.